SYGNUS / Payroll

The Payroll system provides flexibility and ease of use. One single person can maintain and process different payrolls from one or many companies, review calculations, print checks, generate historical information, and more. The process of formulation is controlled by the end user. There is no need of an expert programmer to define or implement payment concepts, deductions or provisions.

Overview Workflow Description

Sygnus/Payroll is a web application that facilitates remote data
entry, processing and data extraction from a centralized

Sygnus/Payroll supports calculation needs for different working
conditions in various locations or countries. It has a user-friendly
and flexible formulation capability allowing definitions for each
payment or deduction concept.

Payroll calculations can be made for a group of workers or all
workers together. Recalculations are possible without any
limitation and comparison of results with previous period can be