We market a suite of Web-based and client/server software packages developed by SYGNUS. All these products are also offered as additional functionalities to the main ERP products: Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, SAP, MIMS, J.D. Edwards and others. These SYGNUS solutions are open and flexible, supporting databases, operating systems and hardware platforms from major vendors.

The SYGNUS/Human Resources software is a strategic solution that is tightly integrated with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages and provides real-time access to information accelerating workforce decision-making. We provide the tools you need to deliver effective services to your workforce through Web based Employee Self-Service Applications. Our solutions are oriented to companies of all sizes, working in any economic activity.

  •   SYGNUS/Payroll

  •   SYGNUS/Personal

  •   SYGNUS/Reports

  •   SYGNUS/Security

  •   SYGNUS/Web Self-Service

  •   SYGNUS/Time & Attendance

  •   SYGNUS/Gateway

  •   SYGNUS/Oil & Gas Production Control

  •   SYGNUS/Lawyer Buffet Billing & Time Control

  •   SYGNUS/WEB Human Resources

  •   SYGNUS/Fixed Assets