SYGNUS / Time & Attendance

Overview Workflow

Sygnus / Time & Attendance is a system that allows the registration, control and processing of employee attendance times and absencess on the basis of rules and shift schedules previously established by the company. This system information is registered automatically by the use of card reader terminals and makes it ready available for analysis and to determine whether policies are being met.

It is assumed that the employee has a badge or identification card used to "tag" generating an event in or out on the computer. This credential can be a barcode or proximity card or any other device that allows the system to automatically register the in/out events.

Information on hours worked, absence hours, overtime and other defined incentives / penalties are automatically calculated according to the defined rules. The information can be directly loaded into the Payroll System.
The system provides multiple reports (depending on the specific implementation) that allows to track this information and the result of "moving" all these variables.